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Academic researchers attend conferences in order to discuss their ideas and research, and to obtain valuable feedback. Conferences are the places where research communities are built and maintained –...

SWEG is a forum for discussing current eGovernment research issues. The workshop is dedicated to open and creative discussions about the current status of eGovernment research and future directions...


With 10,299 entries what used to be the EGRL (for Electronic Government Reference Library) is now the DGRL for the more commonly used term for the study domain of Digital Government Reference Library.

This country report discusses Thailand’s digital transformation efforts with a focus on the leadership roles of its central government agencies. Thailand has progressed through various e-government...

Read our latest issue 23:2 for articles from DG.O 2017

The Digital Government Society (DGS) announces the 20th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research - dg.o 2019, with a theme "Governance in the Age of Artificial Intelligence"


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