EGOV-CeDEM-ePart 2018

Krems, Austria

The EGOV-CeDEM-ePart 2018 will be held at the Danube University Krems, Austria 3-5 September 2018, and we hope you will join us in Krems!

What to expect:

  • Keynotes: Bill Dutton (College of Communication Arts and Sciences, Michigan State University, US), Wolfgang Drechsler (Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia), Sabine Junginger (Head of Competence Center for Research into Design & Management, Lucerne, Switzerland)
  • Paper presentations (organized by Tracks)
  • Reflections' session
  • PhD Colloquium
  • Panel discussions
  • Workshops
  • Outstanding Paper Awards
  • Networking and project opportunities

If you still want to present a paper, a workshop, an idea, start a discussion, then you can still submit to the Open Space! Apply for a slot here: http://goo.gl/forms/TMsUZ9bVu1

...and if you are interested in being involved in the conference or the IFIP Working Group 8.5 in 2019, join theTrack Chair Meeting & IFIP WG8.5 Business Meeting/ACO Meeting to be held on Monday 3rd September 2018.
For more details about the conference and programme, see: www.egov-conference.org