COVID-19-crisis and Information Polity…

Experts Advocate Responsible and Transparent Use of Algorithms in Government

Focusing on the transparency challenges of using algorithms in government in decision-making procedures at the macro-, meso-, and micro-levels…

Call for Papers - Open Government Data for Citizen Participation

Due Date: May 1st 2022

About Information Polity

Information Polity is a tangible expression of the increasing awareness that Information and Communication technologies (ICTs) have become of deep significance for all polities as new technology-enabled forms of government, governing and democratic practice are sought or experienced throughout the world. This journal positions itself in these contexts, seeking to be at the forefront of thought leadership and debate about emerging issues, impact, and implications of government and democracy in the information age.


Albert Meijer
Albert Meijer
Professor of Public Innovation
Utrecht University
School of Government
William Webster
William Webster
Professor of Public Policy and Management
Centre for Research into Information,
Surveillance and Privacy (CRISP),
University of Stirling